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My name is Ted Gibbons and I am a chemistry teacher at Harrisburg High School located in Harrisburg, PA. This wiki contains curriculum information for a typical high school Chemistry 1 course, in addition to ideas for clicker activities designed to enhance the learning of that curriculum. Feel free to use this information to help you in your teaching or to share with colleagues. Please send your comments to me at

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  • To see actual chemistry clickers questions for the first 3 units, go to the Leader's Guide.
  • To investigate the major units for my Chemistry 1 course, click on one of the topic links in the navigation pane to the left. Within each unit you will find links to each of the concepts that should be taught within that unit. From there, there will be links to supporting information for each concept such as content that students should know, understand, and the types of things that they should be able to do. There will also be links to lesson essential questions, vocabulary and ideas for clicker activities.

Designing Clicker Questions for Chemistry

To better understand what types of chemistry questions or activities can be used with a SRS, I created an Activity & Purpose Matrix. The matrix is a combination of my personal experience with clickers and extensive research on how clickers are being used in the chemistry classroom. I used it to develop questions that are appropriate for the different concepts and types of skills that need to be learned in a typical high school chemistry 1 course. Feel free to look it over to see how I used it to develop my clicker questions, or to develop your own!

Chemistry Clickers: A Leader's Guide

I am in the process of designing a leader's guide for chemistry teachers who would like to begin using a SRS with their curriculum. Currently, I have included clicker activities for all of the content found under the first 3 units on this wikispace. Each activity includes an introduction, questions that can be used with a SRS, answers and a summary of the activity. In addition, I have also included summative assessments for each of the first 3 units. Visit the Leader's Guide to get started!

Chemistry Clickers and Pennsylvania State Curriculum Standards

The curriculum content found in this website is based upon the 11th grade science curriculum of the Harrisburg School District, located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As a member of the team that helped to write this curriculum, I can say that Harrisburg's Chemistry Curriculum is aligned to the Pennsylvania Curriculum Standards for Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content. If you decide to click on the preceding link to the PA Curriculum Standards, be sure to check out the section entitled, "S11.C Physical Sciences," as it refers the section containing chemistry content.