The following document is designed to help chemistry teachers incorporate clickers questions into their curriculum. It contains the following components for the first 3 units, The Science of Chemistry, Matter & Its Changes, and Atoms:
  • Introductions to clicker activities
  • Pre-instruction, instruction and post-instruction concept questions
  • Summaries for clicker activities
  • Summative assessments

To use the questions from my Leader's Guide with your classroom response system, you can either:
  • Copy and paste the questions to PowerPoint while inserting clicker buttons from your classroom response system's software. The buttons will allow you to enter the correct answer for each slide so that when the button is selected, it will record student responses and display the results accordingly. Note: you can only do this if your software supports a PowerPoint add-in for adding clicker question/answer buttons
  • Or, you can copy and paste the questions/answers directly into your classroom response system's stand-alone version of the software

Additional notes:
  • I am using the classroom response system called Klickerz by Training Masters, Inc. which works well within PowerPoint (yes, it does have a PowerPoint add-in for clicker buttons) and in the stand-alone version of their software.
  • Unfortunately, Klickerz does not support superscripts and subscripts when one creates questions "the normal way" (this involves typing or pasting questions directly into a question box) in the stand-alone version. This is awkward due to the fact that superscripts and subscripts are essential for the language of chemistry. One way around this within Klickerz is to save a question as a picture file and then insert it as a background image on the question slide. Another way to fix the problem is by using the caret symbol (^) before a superscript or to simply type subscripts the same size as the rest of the text (for example, the formula for water would be represented as "H2O."
  • No matter what brand of software you end up using, I recommend contacting customer support with specific questions that pertain to what you are trying to do. If they can't get things working correctly right away, they can rewrite their software and issue the fix in the next software update. For example, with the next Klickerz update, I am hoping to being able to include superscripts and subscripts when I create questions "the normal way."