"Clickers" are also know as "Student Response Systems" or "Classroom Performance Systems," among other things. Throughout this wiki I will refer to them as "clickers" or "SRS" for Student Response Systems.

SRS refers to a technology system that is used for educational purposes within a classroom. It includes both hardware and software that works together to create a modern, interactive learning environment for students. A typical SRS classroom setup includes a projector, a SRS Chalkboard, a computer running SRS software, and response pads that are given to the students.

In a SRS-enabled classroom, the teacher can use a handheld SRS Chalkboard to give lessons or tests that are visually displayed on the projector. The students can interact with the lesson or test by using the response pads, which are similar to remote controls. Each response pad has several buttons (e.g. A through H), which can be used to answer test questions displayed on the projector in real-time. This allows each student to answer every question in a more systematic way than everyone yelling out the answer at one time.

SRS has been shown to improve kids' learning capabilities and retention of subject matter. Because each student is able to interact with every aspect of the lesson, SRS can significantly increase students' interest in the subject matter. Considering how difficult it can be to keep kids' attention these days, many teachers may find SRS to be a welcome new technology.